According to a commissioned report on behalf of French wine-makers, more than half of British men (54%) said one pint at the beginning of an evening was enough to quench the thirst before moving on to wine. The report also reveals that 72% of British men consider wine to be a more sociable drink than beer, with 68% preferring to share a bottle between friends rather than taking it in turns to buy rounds of beer.

While the decor of the British pub has changed to accommodate drinkers’ evolving tastes, more than half (52%) conceded that the range of wines on offer in British pubs often outshone the beer choices, and slightly more (54%) admit they are likely to drink less beer than wine in the future. Also 75% of British men admitting that they would rather choose from a menu of lighter options, particularly European-style dishes to share, such as mezze and tapas, which sit better with wine.

“The news that Britain is increasingly a nation of wine drinkers may seem surprising, but in reality it’s been gathering pace for some time” said Wine expert Olly Smith, of the BBC TV programme Saturday Kitchen. Smith continued to comment that wine is a “journey of discovery, adventure and good fun that’s rapidly capturing the British imagination”.

So it looks like that by 2039, a generation from now, the British male will more likely to be enjoying a Bordeaux instead of a Bitter at the local pub. Glass of dry white Calvin please!

Source: consumerscorner


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