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Ever had guests arrive at a wine-tasting party with bottles of white wine still at room temperature? My first thought is to stuff them into the freezer where chances are I’m going to forget about it.

Here’s the Cooper Cooler, a  gadget that’s designed to chill your warm beverages, but with a twist; this one can also cool your wine bottles too! The Cooper Cooler can get your can your beer cans chilled in 60 seconds and your wine bottles in only 6 minutes.

The Cooper Cooler is very simple to use, just add water, ice cubes and turn it on. The chiller stops automatically when your drink reaches the ideal temperature. And if you’re dealing with a delicate wine, you can also choose the no-spin option. Another option can also warm cold beverages, such as your baby’s bottle of milk or formula, for example.

The Cooper Cooler comes in three versions, in white, silver and the Tailgator, which comes with a household 120V plug and a 12V car lighter plug so you can chill your bottles on the road.

Visit the Cooper Cooler site to find out more.

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