The newest addition to the East London (UK) bar scene, The East Room is a members-only ‘new world wine room’ with a 24hour license from the people behind the Milk and Honey establishments, offering over 50 wines from the Southern Hemisphere- most of which are available by the glass or tasting measure via a self-operated machine. Simply charge up a wine card with as much credit as you like and try DIY sampling of some rare, unusual, and expensive wines normally only available to buy by the bottle.

These machines, known as Enomatic wine serving systems, seem to be popping up around London- first at trendy Islington wine shop The Sampler where the available wines are rotated fortnightly to allow regular tasting of their 600 bottles - ranging in price from 30p for the cheapest to £30 for 25ml samples of the 1999 Pétrus, which to their surprise, disappeared in just a few days - and more recently at Selfridges new Wonder Bar, an addition to the Wonder Room that they describe as a weekly changing ‘jukebox of wine’, apparently created as a ’suitable riposte to the culture of binge drinking’!

By Amanda Gore. Source: PSFK


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