Leona Valley Winery is unique because it runs right through an earthquake fault and the owner David Reynolds wants his wines to depict the uniqueness of them.

For the Naked Syrah, designer Ginny Westcott had to carefully cover up parts of her body that the TTB wouldn’t approve. This label would never have gotten approved years ago, but they seem to have lightened up. Comments Ginny: “ Westcott Design is the creative partner in my husband’s company called Wark Communications. Tom and I collaborate on many projects. I have been doing design and art direction since 1982 starting in the large ad agencies in Los Angeles and ending up back to my roots in Glen Ellen. We live in the heart of the wine country, eat, drink and breathe it every day. My design company is split into two different directions. I have a quirky wild side that gets satisfied by designing toy packaging for companies such as Elmers and Hasbro. Then a more elegant side where I get to express it with wine labels and wine packaging. Sometimes my wine clients will come to me because they love my toy packaging”.

“I love it when Tom and I work together on projects. He is an amazing conceptual person and our creativity fits perfectly together. He’ll steer me in directions I may never had thought about before. I have been designing wine packaging for about 10 years and learned the laws of wine from Tom. The hardest part is trying to keep up with all the new laws and finding creative ways to make what we want to happen”.

“I feel as though I found a perfect place in the wine label design world. There was a need for designers for the small to mid level wineries. Start up wineries don’t need the entire dog and pony show when wanting a new label and look. They have spent so much money getting their new winery going, they don’t really have a lot left to spend on their logo and label design. That’s where I fit. I like to work on their logo and label at the same time so it all feels like one in the end. My clients are all over the world and I only sometimes get to meet them in person”.


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