Sweet Victory

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Sweet Victory 01

Sweet Victory 02

Design inspired by the posters of famous artistic and cultural movement "Art Nouveau" of the late nineteenth century. The name, style of wine "Late Harvest Semillon," the design and concept of the product are in perfect harmony with all that time represented "Belle Epoque".

Design by Diego Ballester | Source :: Packaging of the World

Adriatico Wine Label

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The creative idea of this wine label is to immerse the users into an improvised route by bicycle through the Adriatic coast.

We tried to show each of the three different trip stages within three different labels: The beginning, showing the feeling of nerves and uncertainty in the beginning of the trip; Midway, showing the anecdotes and experiences lived in the way; The End, it is about the goodbye of our adventure, the experience of all we have lived during the trip and all the memories we keep.

The three bottles of wine are united through the drawn-hand line, and in every label increase the number of bicycle saddles which symbolizes the meeting with more people in the way.

This project was carried out in working-team together with Julia Castaño, Yesika Aguín and Marta González, students of ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain. Module "Desire and wine packaging" with Xavier Bas.




Source :: Packaging of the World

Padrillos wines

Redesigned packaging for Ernesto Catena Vineyards. The idea of the redesign was to emphasize the image of a post stamp, increase the perception of quality and price with a more careful, now making a greater impact at the point of sale.

Imagine a herd of wild stallions galloping over smooth, white hills, their black coats reflecting the light of the moon. This very image lived inside winemaker Ernesto Catena’s mind, and kept his primal attachment to land and nature alive during his time as a university student. After years of travel, when Ernesto planted his vineyard in Mendoza, “Padrillos” was born. These intense wines express the primordial forces latent in our fertile land, and the wild spirit of Argentina’s true varietals.

Padrillos view 01


Padrillos view 02

Design by Diego Ballester | Source :: Packaging of the World

Coma Fredosa

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For the design of this Coma Fredosa as well of that of other wines from the same winery, the “graphic language” of the topography is a key element that offers a series of clues and concepts about the wine and the winery to the spectator/consumer.

The topography helps us locate geographically the estates within the municipality of Colera. The contour lines allow us to understand the distinct orography which requires the grapes to be picked by hand and deeply affects the wine. From right to left across the topography on the label we can travel from estate to estate, starting at sea level to finally reach Albera mountain range.

The GPS point locates the exact position of the winery and at the same time works as an element of interaction and information for the consumer. A simple search of the GPS coordinates puts the local information on the label in the context of the Global geography. Through the topography we can find the location of the estate which produced this Coma Fredosa, as well as the location of the winery’s different estates and some geographic points after which the other wines are or will be named.

Screen printing has been used to recreate the relief of the topography and other elements as if it were topographic braille, which invites the recipient to touch the label and feel the distinct topographic relief. As if it were a “secret game” with the client, in the village of Colera the owners’ family home has been marked in red. The other houses and plots on the “map” are dark grey.

The top of the wine capsule is crowned by a circle/point with different conceptual connotations: it is the GPS point that can be seen on the map, it makes reference to the winery’s logo, it is a graphic synthesis of a grape, it is… The capsules of the various wines share this same element as a conceptual link.

The colours used on the label are a combination of corporate colours, established to maintain a chromatic consistency with the other labels and the graphic image of the winery. In a way this wine label is the prologue that complements and strengthens the concept of all the other labels of this winery.

Design by Kiss Zsombor | Source :: Lovely Package

The Cloud Factory

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Wine producer and distributor Boutinot UK, are launching a new addition to their portfolio with the introduction of “The Cloud Factory”, a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. With grapes sourced from the cool Waihopi Valley in Southern Marlborough, the elegant wine is alive with aromas of stone-fruits and minerals, with flavours of guava and lime.

The name itself was chosen to evoke New Zealand, the “Land of the long White Cloud”, with packaging designed by branding and design specialists, Biles Inc.

When asked where inspiration for the label design came from, Anthony Biles, the agency creative director said, “We imagined what a cloud factory might look like, and this is our vision". The unique lettering was crafted by hand to compliment the illustration style and name, using whimsy and originality to create shelf impact, while at the same presenting a compelling consumer proposition around the magical story of this wine.




Designed by Biles Inc. | Source :: Lovely Package

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